How to use a Mobile App For Election Monitoring, Developed By Nigerians For Nigerians

Have you imagined monitoring elections from the comfort of your home, posting election results as announced by INEC official of your polling booth and ultimately report incidents at your polling booth with pictures as evidence? All this can be done on the EVC APP!

EVERY VOTE COUNTS (EVC), A Mobile App for Election Monitoring, developed By Nigerians for Nigerians!

EVC - Every Vote Counts is a mobile App to monitor general elections in Nigeria. You can do the following on the EVC App

 Send result as declared by the INEC Official in your polling
 Report incidence (pictures inclusive)
 View Results from other polling units
 Get News alerts on Election
 Opinion poll and Chat forum
With the EVC, you can observe elections from anywhere, all you need is your mobile phone.

NIGERIANS! Let’s do it right this time! EVC IS TOTALLY FREE

Where to download the App?

Supported Platforms
Android Phones
Blackberry Phones
Mobile Web App.

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