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Frequently Asked Questions on N-Power

Frequently Asked Questions on N-Power

I have not been paid, what qualifies me to get my monthly stipend

To get your monthly stipend, the requirement below has to be met; 
  • You must be physically verified at your LGA of residence.
  • Both details must belong to the volunteer and credentials of both account number and BVN must match.
  • Your Account name must match your profile name on our platform.
  Volunteers without Account name will be paid if the BVN and account number match the profile name on NPVN profile.

Check the names of the shortlisted candidates here

What is N-power?

N-Power is a job creation and empowerment initiative designed to help young Nigerians acquire and develop life-long skills to become solution providers in their communities and to become players in the domestic and global markets. There are 3 programmes under N-Power which is listed below;
  1. N-Power Teach Corps Program
  2. N-Power Health Program
  3. N-Power Agro Program

How long is the N-Power program for?

The N-Power Corps volunteer program will run for 2 years, for 500,000 unemployed Nigerian graduates.

What are the benefits of this program?

A Computing Device that will contain information necessary for the specific engagements.

When is the next batch coming on board?

Recruitment of the next batch will be announced on

What are the branches under this program?

 N-Power Teach Corps Program

This program is an avenue to train Nigerian youths to assist teachers in secondary and primary schools across the Nation

  N-Power Health Program

This program is an avenue to train Nigerian youths to assist medical personnel’s in health centers across the Nation

 N-Power Agro Program

This program is an avenue to train Nigerian youths to work in their state Agricultural Development Project

I wrote the exam but did not qualify, can I apply again?

It would be communicated once there are new opportunities to enroll in this program.

I have been selected for N-Power, what do I do now?

Once you have been selected, kindly proceed to your LGA of residence for your physical verification.

I have not been verified

Kindly visit your LGA of residence for verification.

What are the requirements for verification at the LGA of residence?

  1. Age verification: Birth certification /baptismal card / affidavit of age declaration / valid photo ID (e.g. National Identity Card, Bio Data page of International passport, Voters card)
  2. Current residential address and LGA:  National Identity card/ Utility Bill (e.g. PHCN, Water, Waste etc.) / Voters card / General knowledge of local area.
  3. Gender: Instant verification upon sighting.
  4. Academic qualification: Bachelor’s degree / OND/ HND/ NCE / Statement of result or transcript.
  5. NYSC status: NYSC certification of discharge / NYSC exemption document. Holder of NCE and OND are exempted from providing verification for this category.
  6. Employment status: Oral declaration of status.

What do I do when I miss verification?

  1. Get to your LGA of residence and meet the focal person
  2. Kindly follow the instructions given to you by your focal person.

I want to change or reset my password

  1. Click on “forget password” on the platform.
  2. A link will be sent to your email address.
  3. Follow instruction in your mail to process your new password.

How do I know the month I am being paid?

When payment is made a text alert is sent showing the month paid.

What do I do when I don’t get my monthly stipends

  1. Kindly call the helpline 08145569572 to confirm your account details if they are correct and in cases where they are not, the agent will reach you.
  2. Send an email to with your BVN enrolment form.
  • Most times when volunteers are not paid, it is as a result of incorrect account details, kindly make sure you fill the right details to avoid not getting paid.
  • Another reason is that the verified list from your state has not been sent to us.

I have been paid but still can’t select a device

Once you have gotten your monthly stipend which means your account details have been confirmed, there will be a verified logo on your profile. Incases where you see the verified logo and still can not select a device kindly follow the steps below: 
  1. Logout and login to your8 account.
  2. Refresh your home page
  3. Click on the red box which says “click here to select your device”.
  4. In a case where all above options has been exhausted, kindly contact the hotline 08145569572 or send an email to

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