Specification of Nokia 8

Nokia have release this brand called Nokia 8. The specifications of Nokia 8 is as detailed bellow.

The flagship phone will run on Android, is expected to come with a high-end Zeiss camera lens, an octa-core processor with a Snapdragon 835 chipset and have a fingerprint sensor.

Specification of Google Pixel Smart Phone.

Google Smart Phone
This is the Google Number one smart phone built with exceptional features. Before now, google have been the platform that most phone operating systems run.

Reviews of Google Pixel Smartphone

After months of leaks, it was no surprise the Pixel replaced the search giant's Nexus range of smartphones, now with a more premium design, the latest guts, and a higher price tag.


In a world with so many people of different backgrounds and beliefs, being offended is inevitable, and most times the first reaction to offense is a strong desire to lash out and lash back. The fact is at some point you will be tired of lashing out and lashing back at everyone over everything, even if these things are legitimate enough for you to make a fuss about.

Talk Yourself Out Of Being Offended

61-yr-old man beheads lady seeking spiritual cleansing

61-yr-old man beheads lady seeking spiritual cleansing
A 61-year-old landlord, Toafeek Hassan, was, yesterday, arrested with fresh human head and other body parts of a lady he was alleged to have murdered, at Ikoga community in Badagry area of Lagos, Sunday.

Vanguard gathered that the deceased, a yet-to-be identified lady, approached Hassan, a cleric, for spiritual cleansing in Sango Otta, due to some challenges she was facing.

Nigerian Police Salary Structure

Police Salary Structure
The Nigerian Police Salary Structure are as follows ranging from the smallest rank to the lowest rank.

A police recruit earns a consolidated annual salary of N108, 233, 00 and a monthly consolidated salary of N9, 019.42 but when N676.46 is deducted as pension, the recruit goes home with N8, 342.96.

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A police constable on grade level 02 (1) earns a gross monthly salary of N42, 508.13 while the one on grade level 02 (10) earns a total of N46, 840.86 with rent.

Ways To Make Your Online Accounts Safer

A day scarcely goes by without a reported case of hacking. Millions of accounts are exposed and all sorts of information released to the public. Recently, over 500 million Yahoo user accounts were hacked. So, any account can be illegally accessed. You never know because hacking is becoming more sophisticated daily. This makes your online existence vulnerable. You must secure and protect your different web accounts.

Close dormant accounts

Inactive accounts easily get hacked. It is because they remain unused for a very long time. If you know you are not using a particular account, you should

Tips for Long Distant Travelling without Sleeping

Travelling is generally fun. But having to travel long distances by road can be a nightmare! You can follow the under listed tips to make your traveling by road more comfortable for you.

Get a good night sleep before embarking at the journey

Most times, because we pack at the eleventh hour, we end up getting very little sleep the day before we are to travel. Avoid this. Have a good night’s sleep before the travel day; unwind, relax and

Interview Timetable for Federal Civil Service

Interview Timetable for Federal Civil Service

Shortlisted Candidates are to come along with their means of Identification (e.g. Driver’s License, National ID card, International Passport, etc) and two (2) passport size photographs.

Shortlisted Candidates for Federal Civil Service

The Federal Civil Service Commission has on Monday released the names of the successful candidates for recruitment into their various Ministries.

The Candidates shortlisted are for Batch A.

Ways To Ensure Your Smartphone Always Functions Like Brand New

After buying a new smartphone, there will be no complaints because it is in a perfect condition and working fine. However, when the excitement of buying a smartphone eventually wears off, your phone starts acting up as it becomes very slow and unresponsive. This may be as a result of the way you use your phone. The undeniable fact is that we all want our smartphone to run like brand new even though you have used it for two years. In line with this, we shares ways to ensure that your smartphone runs like brand new.

Five (5) Verified ways to Cure Depression

Depression is characterized by a severe and typically prolonged feeling of sadness and dejection. It is basically a state of feeling sad about everything. It makes us irritable, saps our energy and motivation, and negatively affects our ability to experience joy, pleasure and
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