Helpful Ways To Protect Your Online Privacy

Helpful Ways To Protect Your Online Privacy

4 Helpful Ways To Protect Your Online Privacy

Privacy seems to be increasingly difficult to protect nowadays, especially online privacy. However, there are a couple of simple steps that you can take to better protect your personal information online.

Use the Right Browser Add-Ons

Downloading and installing the right browser add-ons can significantly help to improve your privacy situation. Add-ons like Disconnect, Ghostery and HTTPS Everywhere can help to block many forms of invasive tracking that can compromise your online privacy. The HTTPS Everywhere has the special feature of automatically redirecting you to the SSL-encrypted version of a website to prevent 'eavesdropping' and other web-based attacks that can compromise your online privacy.


Favour Apps That Have Encrypted Messaging

Apps like Whatsapp, Signal etc. deliver on their promise of encrypted communications and are some of the safest platforms for messaging and communication. They remain the best option for protecting your online privacy, especially for something as sensitive as your messages and communications with others.


Don't Completely Fill Out Your Social Media Profile

Things like these are your personal responsibility to protect. Avoid filling out your social media profile with sensitive information like your full birth date (along with your birth year), your email address and phone number. The fact is that nobody needs to know these things at first sight; you can share such information with people as you get to know them better. Anyone who is skimming through your social media profile shouldn't have access to these things. There is no point in sharing every single detail about your life on social media and compromising your privacy in potentially irreparable ways.


Use a Password Manager

If you don't already know that using the same password for more than one website leaves you susceptible to phishing attacks, then you should take note of that now. Though it might not be possible to remember the different passwords of the dozens of online accounts you probably have, you can use a password manager to help with this. A password manager will not only help you remember passwords but can also help you generate strong and unique passwords and automatically fill them into log-in fields with the click of a button. LastPass is an example of a good password manager that you can get for free, you can also do some research to find others that you can use.

How to get back on your feet after financial setback

How to get back on your feet after financial setback

Smart Tips To Get Your Finances Back on Track After a Setback

Financial setbacks can be tough and a great source of stress. It can indeed be such a damning and hopeless situation to be in, but don't lose hope, you can get through it and come out on top.

Avoid Making it Worse

Try to avoid making it worse by falling into the trap of quick fixes because most of them are scams and will end up making you lose even more money in the process. Rather than panicking and trying to get a quick fix, try getting help from financial institutions or non-governmental organizations that have recovery programs for financial setbacks; you can also try to get help from religious or service organizations that have personal finances programs to help with recovery from financial setbacks.


Assess The Situation and Change Your Attitude

Sometimes financial setbacks occur due to circumstances beyond our control and sometime they might have been caused by carelessness, negligence or poor financial choices. Regardless of the cause, it is important to first assess the situation that led to your 'financial downfall', try to figure out what you did wrong and what you can do differently next time to avoid such an occurrence. Also, if you are able to assess the situation and figure out what exactly caused your financial misfortune, it will be easier for you to make a plan to get yourself out of the mess.


Changing your attitude from that of despondency to hope, determination and resolve is probably the one thing that will make properly assessing the situation and getting out of the financial mess possible. Frankly, without a positive attitude, you are destined to fail and remain in the financial mess you have found yourself in.


Postpone Making Big Decisions With Money While Recovering

It might be very tempting to want to 'get back in the game' and make big decisions with money to maybe even help speed up the recovery process. However, no matter how tempting it is, please don't do it. Many times such 'big decisions' might weigh too heavily on your already weak finances and cause another setback. Postpone making big decisions with money until you are able to, at the very least, adjust your finances to a comfortable level and 'acclimate emotionally and practically to your new circumstances'. The fact is that dealing with stress diminishes your ability to make smart money decisions and if you do not give yourself time, you will end up making bad investments that can regress whatever progress you have made in your financial recovery.


Adjust Your Budget and Set Realistic Goals

It takes money to bounce back from a financial disaster (well duh), so if you've lost everything, you would need to prioritize your spending more than ever because it is how well you manage your income that will make or mar your road to financial recovery. You also need to set realistic goals for your recovery process so you don't end up discouraged and frustrated, and ultimately set yourself up for failure. It is advisable to be patient with yourself and not lay down any plan that will put unnecessary pressure on yourself; try to remember that stress diminishes your ability to make smart money decisions, so you need to ensure that your goals will not contribute to the stress you're already dealing with. Be realistic about the whole process and be practical about the time you would need to fully recover. Speaking to a financial mentor or counselor (this might be a friend or family member that has either gone through the same thing or has some experience in the area) can be of significant help in setting goals to guide your financial recovery process.

How to get Job abroad.

Interesting Things To Do To Get a Job Abroad

Getting a job abroad might be tasking but it is not as hard as you might think. There are things you need to know to put in the right effort needed to get the positiv

How to pay UNN School fees - After invoice generation

First of all, you need to generate your invoice which will indicate the type of fee you are interested in paying. If you have not done that, you can follow steps outlined HERE to do so.

  1. Type in the address bar on your browser the portal url ( as shown below.


 First, you need to generate invoice for the fee in which you wish to pay. To do that,

  1. Type in the address bar on your browser the portal url ( as shown below.


If you seat for the EBSU post-utme, You can check the result for admission into the Ebonyi state
University by simply following the under listed steps.

  1. Visit the school website: 
  2. Click on 2017/2018 PUTME Result
  3. On the Quick Links, click on 2017/2018 PUTME result checking 
  4. Enter your Jamb Registration number to generate Result checking invoice

How to pay for TSTV Subscription

How to pay for TSTV Subscription
Hearing about the amazing features the TStv released, we all can’t wait to have this amazing satellite dish in our homes. One of the important thing to know is how you can pay TStv subscription so you can start by enjoying it. So many people are in search to know how to pay TStv subscription that is the major reason we have launched this post to help those who are in need of the information.

TSTV Channels

TSTV Channels
TSTV having been lunched in Nigeria on the 1st day of October, 2017 is dominating other TV pay stations like DSTvv, GOTv, Startimes and many others. It offers so many important features like:

Features of TSTV

  1. Affordability (5k),

How to pay EBSU School fees

How to pay EBSU School feesHow to pay EBSU School fees

The Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki has made all the payments feasible. Prospective students seeking for admission into the University need not to go to the school to pay one fee or the other as he or she can process all the fees online.
Para-venture you are seeking on:

TSTV Nigeria - Features and Packages

In Nigeria today, DSTV, GoTv and Startimes has been the domineering pay TV stations not giving room for others to strive. Over the years, DSTV has hijacked the minds of the people and with their high price continually extort the populace before Startimes came to our rescue.

Governor Umahi Dances As Duncan Mighty Sings At Independence Day Celebration

Below are photos of Ebonyi state Governor David Nweze Umahi and Nollywood actor Harry B dancing at the celebration of Nigeria at 57 as Duncan Mighty aka Portharcourt Boy sings for them at
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