Monday, November 30, 2015

2016 MTN New Subscription Codes For BB10, Android and PC Users

Do you notice that the BB10 Lite Plan is very hard to activate this day with the old subscription codes? This is to let you know that MTN has updated the BB10 Lite plan subscription codes. Now you can dial any of the below new codes to subscribe to your favorite MTN BB10 Lite Plan.

  • For Daily plan, dial *216*3*1# Cost N70 (Bblited)
  • For Weekly plan, dial *216*3*2# Cost N350 (Bblitew) 
  • For Monthly plan, dial *216*3*3# Cost N1000 (Bblitem)
MTN BB10 LITE Plan are the alternative bundle for the PC and Android device users to enjoying streaming and unlimited downloading via VPN. Note that the plan is still working flawlessly on PC and Android devices, just that it has problem of frequent disconnect these days when using it on PC via Simpleserver. So, if you can stay close to your PC for the issue of disconnects and reconnects when downloading, I advise you to stay away for Bb10 Lite plan.
Amateur: For the full detail on how to make it work on PC and Android Smartphone and browse unlimitedly, check out this link Here

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