Easy life with Etisalat - Easy call and Easy Data

Last Week i shared with you some of the many things Globacom is doing to better the life of its subscribers.... Glo is a Nigerian Owned Network operating in Nigeria and other Neighboring Countries. The Name have since remained Glo unlike Econnet now known as Airtel.

The competition is on and on and this is interesting and for that reason i want to share with you some of my findings. I will be comparing Glo in this case with Etisalat.

  • Glo was the first Network to introduce Per second Charging plan in Nigeria before others now followed. Imagine making a call for 30seconds and you will be charged the same amount with someone that made a call for 58seconds. Before now, 61seconds is already  a two minute call.
  • Glo was also the first to introduce the cheapest DATA PLAN in the network industry. Up till now, there still remain the best. In fact, there are second to non cheap data service. You can find out HERE
In other words there are our savior. How i wish petroleum will be privatized like our telecom industry. Fuel price will not be determined by our leader. 

Now for the lover of Etisalat,  there have decided to bring their call rate down so you can now enjoy with other. You can call all network in Nigeria for as low as 11k/s Just as others in Glo with a daily service charge of N5. This is ook.

To migrate this plan on Etisalat dial *420*1# to migrate to easylife 4.0 limited edition.
Migration is free!

These are the things you are to enjoy:
  • 11 kobo per second to all local networks from the very first second with only a ₦5 daily access fee.
  • 20k per second to 4 international destinations (UK landlines, USA, China and India).
  • free incoming calls while roaming on selected networks in 6 countries. 
I hope this has been very informative, share with your friends and also leave a comment below stating your view.
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