The MTN BIS is back and working on simple server. We all think is a flaw from the network and will be blocked soon. But for the mean time enjoy your 3gig for #100 with mtn bis till it is blocked. the thread is already here but it requires tunnelers like tunnel guru and other . But since we are here to help one another.
i think it will be right if i present this simple server settings to you and spare you of your vpn upgrade money. for those who know their way across simple server, just change your host to or that is what i am using now. I will put screen shot soon. Enjoy while it last.I also have here an upload of my simple server config file. just replace it with yours if setting this will be difficult for you. to migrate to mtn daily BIS send BBCDAY to 21600. data cap is 3gig. I have just confirmed again
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