Android unlimited Data Plan with Airtel.

If you recall, some months back Airtel came out with 4GB and 2GB data plans for Android phones. The cost of subscribing to 4GB is 3,500 while the cost of subscribing to 2GB is N2000.

In order to provide more affordable data plans for Android users in Nigeria, Airtel introduced another new special data plans of 9GB  and 4GB data.

These plans are like in form of former promo plans they used to have which was 1 + 1 BIS Plans. These plans only works on certain SIM cards and Airtel has a way to determine which SIM cards are valid or not for these offer. But there is a way to know whether your Airtel SIM Card is eligible to these offer.

How To Check Whether Your Airtel SIM Card is Eligible For 1+1 Airtel Android Plans of 4GB and 9GB

The simplest way to check whether your SIM Card is eligible or not is to first of all, make sure you don't have up to N2000 on your phone or else the money would just go, Then dial either

*437*1# for the 4GB plan

or dial

*438*1# for the 9GB plan.

If you get a message that you do not have sufficient balance for this plan, then congratulations your SIM card is eligible but if you get a message in reply that you are not qualify for this plan, then oops! your SIM Card is not eligible for this offer. You can subscribe to normal Airtel Android plans.

How to Subscribe to 1+1 Airtel Android Plan 4GB for N2000 and 9GB for N3500 for Two Months

After you must have confirmed that your SIM Card is eligible for this offer, then you should recharge the SIM card as to which plan you want, see the details below:

Plans                         Validity         Price       Activation Code
Android 4GB plan        2 Months       N2000       *437*1#
Android 9GB plan        2 Months       N3,500      *438*1#

To check your Airtel Android Data Plan dial *223#

With this plan, you can browse on any device including computer.

I hope this helps, for more information, call 07034538881
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