To root Tecno P3 or gain root access to your Tecno P3 andriod phone, you have to perform the root method by installing "POOT" and "MINISTRO II" just like Tecno N3.
Check here on how to root Tecno N3

Download: Poot Tecno P3

Download: Ministro II library using poot from (from Google play store)


For you to root a Tecno P3 phone you will have to do these:
Goto system settings - Applications and select unknown sources and go to preferred install location and select internal memory, scroll down to Development, and select "USB debugging and Allow mock location.


  1. Download and install Poot to your phone memory.
  2. Open or launch Poot it will tell you that "This application requires ministro service" and you would be asked if you like to install it.
  3. Download and install Ministro II library (from Google play store).
  4. Open Poot, it will require you to update QT libraries, your phone will automatically reboot(or reboot manually).
  5. Wait till Poot has completely updated QT libraries and if it fails be patient and keep retrying till it's successfully.
  6. Now your phone will automatically restart but if not; switch or tun off your phone.
  7. Remove your memory card and probably one or both of your Sim cards.
  8. Switch or turn on your phone and allow to load to the home screen.
  9. Quickly go to your phone menu and launch or open poot.
  10. Now select the first options i.e. "press here to poot".
  11. Your phone will freeze and then automatically restart.
  12. Quickly go to your phone menu and launch or open poot again.
  13. If successful you will have 3 buttons.
  14. Select the second option to download and install super user.
  15. Select the second option to download and install root checker.
  16. Launch or open Root Checker and click on verify root access to check if your device is rooted.
  17. Congratulations your phone is now rooted!
If you don't succeed in rooting your phone at step 10 i.e where your phone hangs and refuses to restart. Just take out your battery and put it back in,turn or switch it on and repeat step 7 - 10.
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