Friday, October 12, 2012


I am very happy to bring to you this morning a very new form of browsing for all pc users......  for all users by now i am sure you must be tired of the new PD-Proxy 3months rule....... What if i tell you there is a new tunneling software out that will get you online and allow you power all your apps....ask me how??? i tell u trust us we are always here to give u the very best money cant buy,like i said mtn free unlimited browsing cheat is here again, am sure by now u all must have knw that my info are always so real and tested and trusted before i make any post on them

NOTE not mtn users alone this time,both mtn and mutilinks users can start enjoying again,are u tired OF MTN 8000 NAIRA SUBSCRIPTION A MONTH FOR JUST 5GIG OF DATA ??? I BRING TO YOU
AN UNLIMITED INTERNET BROWSING 24/7 NO DOWN TIME OR WHATSOEVER i tell u this is so so cheap and almost free,no fear of u getting blocked or whatsoever, i tell u trust me am Reloaded again...

imagine u can start enjoying ur unlimited mtn browsing so fast and so reliable with just 1500naira, YES 1500 u heard me right,download hell if u want to,stream the world of countless videos online,i tell u its so blazing

Brand new VPN Laptop Free Browsing For those who wanna use MTN Sim, blackberry or Modem.

+Its Blazing Fast
+It has a longer live span
+its the cheapest means of browsing
+7 country servers

What u will benefit from it?»»
-Its Extremely Fast
-It is Unlimited Data. Download unlimited
-It Automatically powers all softwars on pc
-It works wit Antivirus, Yahoo msg etc

What do u need to connect?»»
-Usb modem of any ntw.
-MTN sim with 0:00kobo
-D Free browsing software I will send 2u

Order for the Fastest Laptop Free Browsing..

eheheheheeeeeheheheheh u knw i cant and will never give u anything thats fake or not tested and working by me

so here is it


to get this unlimited mtn settings

kindly Send an mtn recharge card of 1000naira to our help line no.07034538881,instantly within some secs u will receive the settings via text to ur mobile line.

or if u are making payment via our bank acct,make to this acct

Thanks alot for all ur trust and faith in us,Thanks again and God Bless.



  1. get it completely free *

  2. Hello my Senior, I guess you all fine.
    I'm 19 yrs of age. A Young poor student from Ghana. I'm called Emmanuel.
    Please, I'm pleading if you could help me browse the internet for free using any of the SIMs operating in Ghana because life is very hot and difficult.

    Thanks and may God richly help you from Technology to another every blessed day.

    Also, I'm very friendly so anyone who like me as a friend can also contact me.


  3. mtn latest free browsing now blazing fine......dont dull yourself why this offer pass you by.....very fast and reliable or must we pay before we can browse with our mtn sim card? hollat me on this line if you need the stuff..mind you gonna send me a little card before i get the stuff sent to your mobile....kal me on 08102476010...Hurry now and activatae yours.

  4. Thanks bro. hope its still working? thanks once more. you see there are 2 blogs that i've found so far to be very helpful and have something interesting for me whenever i visit, this one and
    Keep it up. I will be visiting again but don't forget to also come drop a comment on my blog even if it's just a "nice post" comment.

  5. anonymous.. men am in need of this your cheat that you say is so crazy.. mail me.. this is my mail address or pls i am expecting your respond or reply

  6. Does it work on Android Phones or Tablet? Please reply me as soon as u can. Thanks anyway for this piece of info


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