Top 10 Tips On How To Increase Your Adsense Page CTR (click-through-rate)

Google AdSense CTR means the number of ad clicks divided by the number of page views. i.e CTR = ad clicks/page viewsIf you want to increase AdSense CTR in order to make some nice dollars from AdSense, I will give some sure-fire tips
 that should help make that extra buck for your blog or website.
10 Tips that can help improve AdSense Page CTR (Click Through Rate)
I am sharing my own knowledge as well as knowledge of some of my colleagues who gained by following these smart approach.
Placement of Ads:
Google AdSense ads are best to customize and blend with your site's layout. They have custom sizes and responsive ad units to make your blog look better with ads even on a mobile device. According to the heat map given by Google itself, the best places to display AdSense ads for high CTR are near the content.
Placing an ad just above your primary content section can show the best results. Google also suggests ad placements near to the top and top left sections to get maximum clicks. Placing an ad at the bottom of the post can also work on your favor.
Top 10 Tips On How To Increase Your AdSense Page CTR (Click-Through-Rate)
The image above shows the best places to show AdSense ads as per Google, the deep the orange color the better the CTR. While placing an ad in the areas marked as light orange and yellow will have adverse effects on your earnings. AdSense link units after the topic or post title or just after the menu bar also will surprisingly increase your AdSense CTR too, give it a shot.
Ad Size:
According to the norms, the bigger the ad size, the higher the earnings. While we can never say what size of AdSense pays more or gets more clicks, placing a skyscraper image to the left of forums or to the right sidebar, above the fold is better. Google also suggests using of responsive ads to cater to your mobile audiences.
Though Google supports multiple customization on your ad sizes, I would say do not go for more offbeat ad sizes. It is so because those ads are not always bided on Google by publishers. So sometimes they might display nothing when the inventory of AdSense is empty thereby leaving you with no earnings.
See your site with your visitor's eyes:
What usually happens is we decide the placement and size of AdSense ads on the backend and then hope for all good to happen. We rarely experiment on how our visitors are treating our ad placement and ad sizes.
I am always in favor of doing something with proper testing. We cannot just load the upper fold of our blogs with ads in order to get some dollars. I suggest you to have some analytics performed to see how visitors are interacting on your site. Here are some of the tools and services for tracking visitor actions on your blog.
Free services like WordPress plugins (hotspots, heatmaps) and SumoMe.
Google Analytics and Clicky.
CrazyEgg (premium): This lets you know much more than just clicked points. You can get an idea where your readers scroll up to in a post and where the readers land from, on your blog. It also tracks visitors from what referral source click the most so that you can focus on them. It is much more advanced system of site tracking.
With any of those tools, am sure you are gonna get the green snake beneath the grass.
Fight Ad blindness:
Ad-blindness is a problem that is commonly faced by the blog readers these days. So many sites with ads on the right sidebar make your visitors immune against your sidebar. They hardly see what is there.
I have tested this with SumoMe, and I did not record even a single click on my right sidebar for my most popular posts.
Here are some tips to increase AdSense Page CTR by reducing ad-blindness.
Use right sidebar as your default sidebar. Many blogs including now have their default sidebar placed on the left.
Use different ads or change the theme once in a while.
Try experimenting different ad forms and sizes.
Also, remember to make your Ad blend with the current theme of your website/blog so as to make it eye pleasant.
Get a Responsive Blog/Website:
Having a responsive website theme, like genesis, sahifa, porto e.t.c gets your site optimized for your mobile readers. Not only these layouts make your site user friendly, but also they make sure AdSense ads are displayed (and correctly) to your mobile visitors. And more ads is definitely proportional to more CTR.
Reduce bounce rates:
Bounce rates are always harmful to your blog. The longer a reader stays on your blog, the more engaging your content is considered.
If you can lower your bounce rates visitors will now be visiting more than one page on your blog. That means more chances to get them click on your ads. Here is an article to help you reduce bounce rates.
Blend your ads according to your blog:
When creating a new AdSense ad for your blog, Google gives you an option to alter the theme and font of the ad unit. While I would say the default is good, you should not hesitate to experiment on what works and what not. Skim through some basic tips:
Blend text and link ads according to your site's theme and font.
Do not blend visual ads to make them look weird in an attempt to fighting ad-blindness.
Maintain professional looks of the ad units; don't try to make an ad appear not as an Ad.
Optimize your content:
Content too has so much say in AdSense CTR. You can have noticeable uplift in your CTR with content optimization.
Write quality content: Whenever you write an article, write quality stuff and give relevant examples. In case ads are placed around this part can take keywords from your examples and display a relevant ad, tempting to be clicked.
Stay away from thin content: Having 3 display ad units on post of 400-500 words is nothing but utter foolishness. This will drive your readers crazy and they can just leave your site for ever.
Write at least posts of reasonable length with all media (images or embedded videos) to bring freshness to your blog.
This will reduce bounce rate = more CTR.
This will also reduce ad blindness = more CTR.
Avoid Black-Hat Tricks:
Google is very stringent on its ad policies. It can totally ban your AdSense account for trying improper or black hat tricks. Or even ban your domain for ever so that you cannot use AdSense on that domain.
Here are some of the basic DON'TS for Google AdSense.
Do not use floating AdSense ads.
Do not use ads on pop ups on your blog.
Do not place Ads near multimedia in your post, so as to mislead your audience into thinking that the ad is a part of your post.
Do not use any call to action or click requests to boost AdSense CTR.
Experiment your way to success:
You can experiment till your mind's content when using AdSense from Google. These experiments will let you know the right and perfect AdSense ads spot and size for your blog.
You will gradually know what ads and ad types are getting more CTR and then can make use of it to earn even more.
Try experimenting with ad sizes and fonts. Its not that a popular blog says skyscrapers are good so they will work for you too. In fact you can also have experiment for ad size. Try using different colors to blend your ads in your theme or make them stand out. For customizations, sky is the limit.
Over to you
These are some of the tips and tricks to boost AdSense earnings. You can customize more and look for what AdSense ads have the highest CTR. What are your tips to increase AdSense CTR? Do let us know in the comments section.
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