Things to Note before Buying Power Bank

5 Things Nigerians Should Know Before Buying a Power Bank

Power is yet to be regular or stable in Nigeria. Hence, Nigerians are searching for alternatives to keep their phones, laptops and other devices charged. Interestingly, it seems phones are getting more
attention as there are now power banks which you can use to charge your phone when there is prolonged lack of power. As power banks have become very useful, it is very important that users know some things when they are buying one. This is important because there are many complaints about power banks like it takes ages to charge, it is substandard and/or its efficiency is less than 50%. You don’t want to spend money on this.

Weight of the Power Bank

Power banks come in different sizes and weight. You buy a portable one over a bulky one so that it will not become a burden when moving around.

Brand of the Power Bank

The brand of a power bank is vital. You already know the reliable brands that are popular for quality, durability, and resale value. Some of these brands may be expensive but you are guaranteed that you will use it for a long time. Despite this, you still have to be careful so that the brand name is not different from the package. Hence, don’t patronize touts.

Power output of the Power Bank

The power output of a power bank is the reason you are buying it. If the power output is low, you don’t need to buy it. A power bank needs at least 2 amperages to charge. So you should check if the power bank is has 2.1 amp output.

Power capacity of the Power Bank

For every power bank you want to buy, it must be 2.5 times more than the capacity of your phone. In other words, if the battery of your phone is 4000mAh, you should buy a power bank that is 10,000 mAh. You will only use about 6,700 mAh to charge. This is better than buying the one with the same mAh with your phone.

Quality of the Power Bank

Nigeria has become a dumping ground for different substandard products including power banks. Besides buying a brand, it is important to be careful not to buy a fake one because you have many in the market.
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