Best App for Busy Nigerian Mothers

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Today’s Nigerian mothers no longer want to sit at home. They also want to contribute economically to their families. Hence, they have so much on their plate from meeting targets at work, taking care of their babies and families. Mothers can only do their best. But with mobile apps, they can achieve more. There are tons of helpful apps for busy Nigerian mothers. 


This is an app for everything related to health. It is possible for you to store appointments, medical records, medical questions and providing up-to-date information of ongoing treatment of you and your family. It is available on iTunes and Google play store.


The app allows every member of your family do their chores as at when due. You can also earn points for completed task. This fun app encourages them to do their chores.

Happy Kids Timer

If you are in haste or out of town, your kids do not have to miss their routine. With the Happy Kids timer, children can establish a morning routine that doesn’t require your direct supervision. This app teaches them everything they have to know from brushing their teeth and making their beds. You see, you don’t have to be there!
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