Working Proxy Servers For Etisalat Social Me and ChatPak Unlimited Surfing

No good news yet about Magic IP's and the Etisalat Social Me/ChatPak that we are managing, most the proxy servers that we are using for it are currently down.
Etisalat is here to stay, they keep proving to be the best in firewall protection, but they will surely continue to fall well in our hand. Just stay glued to we are working tirelessly to bring you best of the best.
Proxy Servers like,, are currently down, but we still have two active proxy servers, which can be use to surf via Etisalat Social Me/ChatPak tweak without out using any host address (IP). When active IP's are scarce, Sypon Shield, Psiphon, ProNET are still available for you to surf the web without any host address or port, all you need is working Proxy server.
Below are the available current working proxy servers for Etisalat Social Me/ChatPak
» or
» or

 Real Proxy Type: You can change it to Inject, if HTTP not respond.

In More Option, unmarked " Use the following settings:" as it's show in the screenshot below.  

Save and Connect 
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