How to Recover/Restore Bricked BlackBerry 10 OS

Are you getting just a red flashing light but nothing else, no matter how many times you remove and reinsert the battery of your BlackBerry? Your phone refused to boot up, it means your phone OS is corrupted and geeks call this an "Uncaught exception error". You have nothing to fear, the below instruction will guide you on how you can recover your dead Blackberry 10 OS.

To fix that issue, you need to re-install the operating system on the device, which will then set the device back to its original factory state.

Required Materials
1. Blackberry Link - Download it from this #link
2. A PC with healthy USB Port
3. USB Cable
4. Remember to backup your personal information, if possible
5. Nuked or Bricked BlackBerry 10 OS

To Unbrick Your Blackberry 10 OS

1. Open BlackBerry Link software.
2. Plug in the BlackBerry device using your USB cable.
3. At the bottom left of the program, find the device you're having issues with and select it by clicking on it.
4. The BlackBerry Link application will then ask to either reconnect or reload the device software. Choose Reload.

5. Confirm the reload when prompted to do so, which will wipe clean any data previously on the handset.

6. Allow the reload to complete, which can take some time. Whilst this is underway, the device will have a solid green light.

Note: This process of downloading and reinstalling the device can take an hour or more, depending on the speed of your internet connection, so please don't disconnect the BlackBerry until the process has finished.

Once the restore is complete, simply set up your device again, or restore it from a previous backup stored on your machine. However, if you want to restore a previous backup, remember to sign in to your BlackBerry ID on the device first!

The good news is, this process is almost identical on both PC and Apple Mac. Simply follow the same process as above.

Kindly use the comment box below for any questions and suggestions.
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