How to Bypa$$ Etisalat Smatpack And Enjoy Unlimited Browsing Via Tweakware

The recent upgrade of tweakware to use premium
account as been a limitation for most of us.
Buh today, i bring to you a way to bypa$$ that sh*t
and enjoy unlimited browsing.
step 1. rooted device. A most to have.

step 2. download and install this app from my
dropbox android id changer
step 3. open app and grant root permission
step 4. click on the download button above the app
to back up ur current ID (so as to restore later in
other not to void warranty).
step 5. press the back button and click on the “+”
sign above to generate a random ID for you.
step 6. Save New ID ..and u are good to go.
Now goto your tweakware and use any free server,
you will be granted another free 100MB.
enjoy As E Dey HOT..

Download the app here
AndroidIDChanger_4. 0.0%2820140219%29.apk?

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