What to know about google Adsense.

So many people have written about getting adsense approval that you no longer know what to believe. During my search for tips on getting adsense approval, I read some blog post and some
bloggers recommend having at least 20 blog post and domain age should be at least 6 months before applying but I got approved with just 7 unique blog post.
It is a 15 weeks old blog having just 11 pages (7 post and 4 pages).
So the truth is, to get adsense approval you need to focus on creating quality content and not quantity. Do not copy images from other websites or from Google images, try creating your own images or alternatively you can get free images from sites like pixaby.
Also, domain age is not a factor in getting Adsense approval.
I hope my experience with Google Adsense inspires you. I wish you good luck in your Adsense adventure.


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