HOW To Accumulate Mtn Imei Cheats Up to 100gb | 200gb edited

Am sure so many of you have heard about Sms Bomber. It's used for
accumulating free browsing Cheats. I'll go into details later.
Well, with the help of sms bomber, you can accumulate Mtn Cheats with imei into
many gigs, upto 100gb and 200gb and use it as you wish.
Here we are again, we'll use mtn 3GB + Sms bomber to Accumulate upto 100 and
200gb of data.

So let keep rocking….
How Does It Works?
Latest Mtn 3GB imei for accumulating data on mtn
MTN IMEI 1. 352152070072436
MTN IMEI 2. 352152070065537
MTN IMEI 3. 860556025322100
MTN IMEI 4. 863619015881144
MTN IMEI 5. 863619015890000
MTN IMEI 6. 863619015900000
After successful Tweaking, just open ur sms bomber if uv gat one or go to your
msg and text
free to 131
mifi to 131
: u can only accumulate ur mb using ur sms bomber, go to playstore and
download it.
Drop ur testimonies…
Accumulating tutorial comes later... Keep inviting your friends and enemies!
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