Amber Rose Finally Proves Her Behind Is Real

Many people have always believed that Amber Rose’s ass is fake, but the ex-stripper has finally decided to shut down the rumours. She appeared on RuPaul’s Good Work show on E!, and when RuPaul asked her if her ass was fake, she denied it. RuPaul then asked Amber if he could give her a good squeeze…He said:

    “May I please squeeze the evidence?”

After the squeeze, he said:

    “I concur, “This s*** is real! This case is closed.”

Amber also revealed that she wears a 36H bra and she’s considering implants.

    “It’s just this area over here [she points to her side bosom ] is just skin. I wanna fill it out but I don’t know if I want to get an implant because my bosom  are really nice,”
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