Five (5) Reasons Why Bride Is Happier Than Groom During Wedding Ceremony

Bride express great joy during wedding ceremony by dancing, kissing d groom continuously, etc.

The groom is also happy but can't be compared to the level of bride because he knows the task ahead.

So the reasons why a bride is happier are;

1. Financial trouble is over:
She knows her man will foot the larger percentage of the bills. So whether she is rich or not, her financial responsibilities will be taking care of.

2. Free from disgrace: Women know how to bad mouth their counterparts who is due or overdue for marriage. When u see a new bride, you will see this radiant joy in her flaunting her wedding ring and no lady can bully her.

3. Fulfilment: Men feel more fulfilled when they achieve financial breakthrough. Women are fulfilled when marry the right man. There is this DREAM COME TRUE written on bride's face during wedding ceremony.

4. Respect: Bride express happiness especially when they marry a successful man and bearing his name automatically brings respect in her life. For example, marrying awolowo, otedola, adenuga, etc.

Note: For groom, the salute title doesn't change(Mr.) but for bride, it changes from Miss to Mrs. Now tell me why she won't be more happy.

5. Wedding gown: Bride wears wedding gown once in her life but groom can wear his tuxedo after the ceremony which is not the first time in his life he is putting on a tux.

You can Add your own reasons under the comment section.
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