How To Get free 700mb from Mtn Nigeria and enjoy 24hours free browsing

Mtn is currently giving 700mb free trial which you can get and use with your Openvpn, Currently this free 700mb works without any interruption once you knows how to configure your Openvpn,

How to get free 700mb from mtn Nigeria
 1 to get the latest 700mb free data simply dial *662*6# and subscribe for all the plan you see on the list which is monthly free trial and each monthly trial you subscribe to gives you 100mb and they are 7 in numbers giving you 100mb each which makes it 700MB in total

 2. The 700mb can only work with jumia site and can be used to download jumia mobile app for free at (  because of this restrictions you can only use openvpn to use the free tril 700magbyte allocated to you by Mtn Nigeria

3. save the config file that is attached below this post and import it to your openvpn app then connect it and go to for your free username and password.

4. Test itsharp sharp and feel the speed but promise me that you will tell use if it works or not, because some like to take without even saying a word, don't do like that try it and share your experience.
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