Ebola: Access Bank Provides Sanitizer For Customers Entering The Banking Hall - Health

Operation stop the monster is what I term the current steps, measures and actions that is been taken by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and all other countries with cases of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). I’m incredibly impressed with the Nigeria government’s focus on containing the spread of Ebola. The WHO said recently that with the way Nigeria was handling the outbreak, it may soon come out clean from the outbreak, and this can be attributed to our Never-Say-die and Can-Do attitude. It will interest you to know that other for-profit private organizations in the country have pulled out, what I will rather call funny but necessary steps to put EVD off their door steps.

When EVD was earlier reported in Lagos State, it was bankers turned surgeons (use of hand gloves) as seen with Union Bank staff and others. GT bank took it personal as they started pointing temperature guns at their customers before allowing them entry to banking hall for business. Access Bank has indeed joined in the implementation of these safety precautions as to prevent the spread of the virus to her staff and customers, Knowing full well the business risk involved when an Ebola case is been reported in your organisation.

Trust Nigerians, No one will ever knock to check if you’re open for business. The case of Access Bank is synonymous to that of parents to lads’ scenario before and after dinner “Junior! Princess! Get your hands washed, Dinner is set”.

Funny, you’ve to wash your hands thoroughly with sanitizer before entering the banking hall for business, actually whatever helps in containing EVD is welcomed. You’ll appreciate the pictures more. The below pictures were taken from an Access bank branch down east.

These guys no wan take chances at all!

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