Glo has launched path breaking product called Borrow Me Credit for Prepaid Customers.  This is the most innovative service launched by Glo. Currently, when customer runs out of recharge, he has to go to out to buy a recharge card and top up his account. Sometimes there are situations when customer cannot go out to buy recharge card; during late night hours, while travelling, etc. Under these emergency situations customer is not able to make call due to low balance and there is opportunity loss for Glo.

Now, we offer solution to such customers who have consumed their airtime and cannot go out immediately to buy recharge card. Customer can send request to avail the facility of airtime credit by sending text on the short code. Customer will repay his credit by recharging his account and credit airtime will be deducted from his balance.

The customer is required to request through the predefined short code *321#, which will provide the customer the amounts qualified for. To get specific denominations use the following short codes:

    *321*50# for N50,
    *321*100# for N100,
    *321*200# for N200,
    *321*500# for N500
    *321*1000# for N1000

The Emergency Airtime Service allows active Globacom prepaid customers who meet the eligibility criteria set out in the table below.

Eligibility Matrix

Denomination (N) Time on Network (Months) Average Monthly Refills Average Monthly Usage (N)
50 4 0 200
100 4 0 400
200 4 0 800
500 4 0 2000
1000 12 0 5000

The airtime advanced is subject to a service charge as mentioned below

Service Charges

Denomination (N) Time on Network (Months) Average Monthly Refills
50 5 45
100 10 90
200 20 180
500 50 450
1000 100 900
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