After BBM was lunched on android phones, the demand for android phones increased thereby bringing demand for blackberry very low. with just N14,000 one can get him/herself an android phone with BBM, Whatsapp, Facebook, high definition games, Email to mention but a few compared to blackberry. As at the time BBM was lunched on Android Phone, the cost of the lowest blackberry is not less that N20,000 and don't ask me how much Bold 5 is being sold now. lolz

But there is a problem, Guys have not been able to enjoy their device to the fullest because of the high cost of internet subscription from the network providers. 50 percent of the features that come with android phones are not been utilized.

There seem to be privilege that blackberry users enjoy over android phones. this is what i call intimidation. imagine the idiosyncrasy. with 1000, a blackberry user will surf the net with an unlimited download but not possible with Android user.

Thanks to Airtel that still allow their BIS to run on other device. one might think that they are stupid, i tell you there are not. Show me an android user that doesn't have Airtel SIM, for them, Airtel is sure of their 1500 every month not to be shared with any other network. lolz.

But how long will this keep happening?, How long are we going to wait before the network providers bring data bundle package like BIS for android users.

Believe me in no distant time, that will be made possible but for the main time, I bring to you some of the packages that is favorable enough.

Option 1
with MTN night plan N2500, you will be offered 4.5G of internet access with which 1.5G will run for day and night until you exhaust it. Thereafter the remaining 3G will be for night only 9pm to 6am.

Option II
with Glo N1000 month plan, you will be given 350MB to manage. better than non brother.

Option III
You can go for Airtel BIS month plan. where you will be given 1.5G to browse with.
N/B Only Airtel BIS can run on any device and the month plan for 1.5G cost N1500 as at the time of this publication.

 For more information on how to activate any of the plans mentioned above, Just leave a comment bellow or call me on 07034538881 

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