How to Receive your Adsense Payments into your nigerian Bank Account

I am delighted to inform you that Google Adsense now pay Nigerians directly into their bank account through International Wire Transfer. This new development will eliminate the long waiting we publishers normally experience in the process of converting adsense payment.
From now on Google Adsense Publishers in Nigeria will get paid directly into their dorm bank account.
If you are a Nigerian adsense publisher using a GTBank account, you will have to change your payment form and add your details if you want to receive adsense payments via wire transfer.

 How to Change your Adsense Payment Form to International Wire Transfer
Below is step-by-step instructions on how to add your bank details.
=> Login to your account
=>Goto Payment Settings
=> Click on Add New Form of Payment Then Fill the Form with your Dorm Account Details
Note: GTBANK Swift Code is (GTBINGLA), where you see Account number type in your Domiciliary account number.
Make sure you check the option which says “Set this form of payment as Primary” before you click Save.
That’s all! Once you reach your monthly threshold you adsense earnings will be sent directly into your dorm bank account in Nigeria via International Wire Transfer.
Tell us what you think about the new payment form in the comment section below.
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