Web design has truly evolved in the recent years, considering the technology that is being used to create and view them is constantly upgraded. It has given rise to a number of professions, particularly in the field of web development. Add the fact that it is a subject of numerous studies and relatively new, it is still undergoing upgrades and overhauls.
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With that said however, a lot of people have conflicting ideas with regard to how a website should be presented to users. Doing so requires intensive planning; it’s like a jigsaw puzzle, you need to be able to place the pieces in the right location. With that said, what are the things to remember in presenting a web design in order to reel in visitors and hold their attention?
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Attractive aesthetics is not everything

In web presentation, you need to be able to remember that a website’s overall aesthetics is not the only factor in defining it. Remember, it’s not the looks that define a website – it’s the usability and utility. This is the reason why you need to be able to ONLY incorporate a simple design that is pretty understandable to users, especially to your target audience. Remember, do not put in much effort in making it look more attractive than a beauty queen – make it look more like a an organized shopping list. Free and simple themes like those created by WordPress is a recommended backbone in creating designs – follow their example.

Promoting usability and functionality
A website’s functionality is everything; this aspect includes the organization of material, as well as navigation system and the arrangement of content. Here are some things you need to put in mind:
Create an intuitive navigation bar. Usually placed just below the site’s header and logo, text-based and definitive navigation bars are pretty important in guiding users around your site. Never let your visitors think; allow them to sift through the pages with ease.
Never try to recreate the web design. Although originality is not necessarily a bad thing, you should never attempt to create your own design. Instead, go with what has been proven effective.
Put in the desired content immediately. Users rarely go to one section of a website to another, instead, they immediately choose the first viable option. They go to what they see first and if they don’t find it, they’ll switch sites.
Maintaining focus. As mentioned previously, organizing your site’s content is like putting in pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. In order to maintain the focus of your visitors remember to draw your user’s attention to the area were the content is. Simply do so by avoiding placing ads and other elements that can deviate their attention.
As for the content, be sure to avoid complicated words and jargons. Write for the general audience – make it understandable and only use simple words.
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