How to Convert usb drive file system from RAW to ntfs or fat? can go into my computer under the Removable Disk icon rightclick>format>then under the file system drop-down menu pick the file type (FAT,FAT32,NTFS) and then hit start at the bottom

2.If that don't work, then you might have accidentally deleted the partition, yes they do have them, you can simply stick a windows CD in while the flash drive is connected and reboot, the CD will run. go through its process until you come to the partition menu, the usb drive will be listed as a second drive, but ofcoarse
smaller then your computers drive. (*WARNING* this will completely clear all data from the device or your hard drive so make sure you select the right one) Delete the existing partition then select C to create a new one. once your done creating a new partition press F3 and abort the rest, if you don't it will install windows. NOTE under the section saying file type, it will still say RAW when all is done.

reboot and then run threw my above method 1. to format the removable disk and when its complete you will be set as what ever type you choose from the drop-down menu.

This is what worked for me on several occasions however it always results in complete data loss. If anyone knows a better way please post, I would be extremely grateful.

I hope this have been very informative and i want to thank you for reading.
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