One major problem marketers face is building an email list and it’s rather impossible to build a successful business online without a targeted list. A lot of people often buy email marketing list but the truth is that a lot of people in this type of list will never be interested in your offers and will unsubscribe at the long run. It’s one thing to have a huge email marketing list and it’s an entirely different thing to build a targeted one. Having a targeted list has quite a lot of advantages:
1. You actually have real emails and real customers
2. They will definitely be long time subscribers
3. It’s easier to drive more sales

The greatest challenge, of course, is building a targeted email marketing list. There are simple tips to follow to successfully have that list of relevant contacts you’ve always wanted.
1. Relevant, search engine optimized blog contents
It’s been proven that driving traffic to a blog is much more easier than a business website. In order to connect with customers and potential customers, publishing blog contents relevant to your products or services is a sure way to build a huge email list. If these contents are optimized for search engines, an increase in blog traffic can grow your list faster than you can imagine with your opt-in form strategically positioned on your blog.
2. Social media
Facebook, twitter and Google+ isn’t just for socializing, you should turn your social media fans to email subscribers. Using social media effectively can go a long way in boosting your list.
3. Take advantage of holidays
With Christmas just around the corner, this is a perfect time to build your list and double sales. Granted, people are always in the mood for celebration and your marketing strategy at this time should go beyond regular advertising. With offers ranging from Christmas bonus and other enticing offers, holiday email marketing is a clear road to gaining that additional edge in a very competitive market.
4. Host giveaways and contests
Almost everyone loves freebies and as a matter of fact, you’re probably losing a lot of potential customers if you’ve never hosted one. Giveaways and contests can be an easy way to improve your email marketing list.
5. Display opt-in forms everywhere
Be sure your op-in form is visible everywhere on your website and blog. Even on social media, product confirmation email and any other possible channel, be sure the link to your opt-in form is included.
6. Announce coupons
Offering discounts through coupons can improve sales but announcing even more coupons through newsletter can improve your email marketing list.
7. Give people a reason to sign up
All the tips above will never work if you don’t give people a real reason to enter their email in that opt-in form. On the form or sign up page, you should be clear about what they stand to gain by subscribing to your newsletter and so on


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