You’ve definitely run some google searches and seen some blog author’s google plus profile picture right beside search results, right? In a bid to make this work for my blog, I tried lots of stuffs out of which none of them worked. Just today, I logged in to blogger in draft just to see the upcoming blogger features and saw this option at the top right of the screen asking me to switch my blogger profile to google plus. It sounded good and I continued, reading the benefits and everything about it.
One of the key benefit that made me proceed with the switch was the fact that my google plus profile will be associated with site on search result pages. Also, whenever I comment on my blog or any other blog supporting comments with google account, my google plus profile will be linked instead of that boring blogger profile. It’s a good one coming from google though because I never like blogger profile layout, the color scheme and all.

How Do I Link My Blog To Google Plus
This feature isn’t yet published officially because it’s only still available in Blogger in draft where blogger’s upcoming features are first tested out. To switch your blogger profile to google plus profile and associate it with your blog:
-  You need to log in to
- You should see a pop up at the top right corner asking you to make the switch.

- Just follow the next couple of steps and enter your google account password when prompted.
- Mark the check box at the last stage and complete the profile switch.
What Are The Benefits Of Linking Your Google Plus Profile To Blogger?
Switching your blogger profile to google plus has lots of benefits and one of the one I like most is that you have one less online profile to worry about.
-You get access to upcoming Google+ features on Blogger
-Your posts gets highlighted in Google search results for your social connections
-Maintaining one identity instead of duplicate ones
Information on your blogger profile won’t automatically transferred to your google plus profile, you have to select those information you want to display on your new profile including your displayed blogs. Also, this switch will make the blogger widget on your profile display your google plus profile instead and all existing comments made with with blogger profile will automatically redirect to your google plus profile when clicked.
Though it is said that my posts gets highlighted in Google search results for social connections, I haven’t been able to see this since I made google plus my default blogger profile. I made the change just a few hours ago, just hoping it’s really gonna have any effect in search results. Even if it doesn’t, I still feel convenient with that ugly looking blogger profile gone.
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