How To Use Droid Premium Server For Free And Download Unlimited

I’m going to quickly teach you how to use Droidvpn premium account for free. So if you haven’t downloaded droid vpn, download it from Google play or dropbox.

Android Terminal Emulator: Download it from Google play or here
Droid vpn

How Can I Use Droid Premium Servers For Free?
==>Install Android Terminal Emulator and open terminal and type su in terminal. It will give the root permission to the application. Shown in following screenshot:

==>Make sure your droid is version 1.8.7b only and it’s properly installed; scroll down and select premium server as seen in the image below

==>Click on the connect button and wait for some time till it’s connected. This is how it will look when it’s connected:

==>Once your connection has been established successfully, you’ll see a prompt, choose upgrade later

==>Once your connection is successful, minimize the droidvpn and open the installed terminal emulator for android
==>Go to terminal emulator and type in terminal ping and hit the enter button.

==>Next go to task manager and stop droidvpn process. See following screenshot:

Note: Do not close droidvpn app only stop its process; and do not close terminal emulator,keep it running in background.
With this, no more droid police monitoring your download limit as you can surf unlimited using droidvpn premium servers. Practicalize it with MTN Bisday and see the wonders of the GB you'll download.
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