How To Share Application And Files On Android Device Using Flash Share

1. Download Flash Share from your android market
2. Open the flash share application on which the data you want to share with your friend; create your username and add picture to your account.
3. Click on connect with friends, then it will display a dialog box in which you will see two options "create a connection" and "scan to join"

4. Open the Flash Share on the device you want to send it to then click on connect with friends ==> scan to join and a WiFi connection will be establish.
5. Mark the applications/data you want to share with the other device and shake your phone to send those applications you have highlighted.
6. For the other device who is receiving, go to history on your Flash Share application and install that setup you just receive. Your device may complain of data from an unknown source.
Kindly go to your phone's settings and open applications then check the box label unknown source.

Once you are done receiving, close your flash share and turn off WiFi connection in order to save your battery life.
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