How to Restore iPhone / iPad Without Losing Jailbreak

With iOS 7 already released, restoring an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch may be risky since you’re likely to lose your iOS 6 jailbreak and be forced to upgrade to iOS 7 (which everyone doubts would see a jailbreak anytime soon). Normally, if you restore a jailbroken Apple device, you lose everything including your jailbreak.

To prevent this, it’s a good idea to restore back to stock keeping your jailbreak intact and iLex R.A.T. does this pretty well. This app lets you clean up your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, erasing all Cydia tweaks and reverting back to stock settings without touching your jailbreak. You can even re-install Cydia with this app if you feel it’s malfunctioning.
If your device is experiencing Safe Mode loop or  boot loop, stuck at Apple logo or going through a drastic battery drain, iLex R.A.T. should be able to fix all these.

How to Install and Use

1. Open Cydia and go Manage > Sources > Edit > Add
2. Add this repo:
3. Under Sources, go to  iLEXiNFO repository and install iLEX R.A.T.
4. This should install all dependencies needed to run the app
5. Check your Springboard for the new iLEX R.A.T icon
6. Running the app should present two options:
  • iLEX R.A.T.: This removes all Cydia tweaks and dependencies installed after jailbreak but keeps contents, settings, jailbreak and activation
  • iLEX Restore: This restores your iDevice back to stock. All content and settings are erased but jailbreak and activation remains intact.
7. Select your desired option and follow the screen prompt to restore your device.
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