My wife does not display public affection for me – Julius Agwu

Julius Agwu is one of Nigeria’s most successful entertainers. He got married to his wife, Ibiere, in 2008,and they are blessed with a girl and expecting the second baby soon. The couple takes us through their journey into marriage. Happy reading…

How I met my wife
I met my wife at a wedding in Port-Harcourt in 2000. She was part of the bridal train. My mind was blown away when I sighted her. Thereafter, we became friends. Somehow, we lost contact with each other and later, met again in 2002. The rest is history. We got married in 2008.

We dated for eight years. This is because her parents insisted that she must complete her education. After her Youth Service, they insisted she had to enroll for her master’s degree program. And I kept waiting for her.
When you court your spouse, that’s when you understand yourselves better. You find out what she likes and what she doesn’t; her shortcomings as well as yours and find a way to blend with her. Some marriages are having problems today because of the inability of the couple to bring God into it. These are two people from different backgrounds coming together to live as husband and wife. I am very temperamental and my wife too is a stubborn woman. But in spite of these shortcomings, we have learnt to manage our issues.

She’s not only beautiful, she is also intelligent. We connected immediately. She combines beauty and brain. I realise she’s something different. It’s not every lady you dated that you can propose to. Not every date can lead to marriage because God created every man and created a wife for that particular man. God also created every woman and created a husband for that woman. That two people dated does not mean that they must become husband and wife. Your prayer should be that nobody should marry your own wife or husband. That’s how we connected.
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