Recharge cards are sold to top-up mobile phone credit. In 2005, The then Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo banned the importation of mobile phone recharge cards, keeping the Nigerian recharge card market for the benefit of Nigerians themselves. Consequently, many Nigerians have become recharge card distributors and many others want to. Unfortunately, with big money opportunities, come unscrupulous scammers. It is still possible to make money as a recharge card distributor, but you need to avoid losing money to these con artists who claim you need to buy their VERY EXPENSIVE software, services or books to become a distributor.

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 Instructions 1. Decide what kind of recharge card distributor you want to be. Think about who your customers are going to be and if you want to sell large or small recharge card denominations. Look at other distributors in your area and what they sell. Find a niche that is not already covered by another supplier. Consider selling smaller denominations. These are harder for people to find and this niche has lower advertising and printing costs too. Smaller denominations are more readily sold to family and friends and you
do not need to print a voucher for small denominations, you just sell the PIN or serial number. For More details Call 07034538881 Email: 2. Search MOBILE GATEWAY SOLUTION online for a principal dealer that suits your needs. We, the dealer will send you any necessary software for printing vouchers and for decrypting the voucher PINs they will send you by email. This software is free of charge in most cases. The dealer will also send you the appropriate voucher printing card for you to to use once you have received your PINs. When choosing a principal dealer, look at things like whether they can supply you with vouchers for all, or most, networks, how much they can reduce the price for you and what their reputation is with other sub-dealers who work with them. Chat with local recharge card dealers and look at online discussion groups and forums to see if they are reputable.

For More details Call 07034538881 Email: 3. Remember to advertise with us here at MOBILE GATEWAY SOLUTION

once you have set yourself up with a principal dealer and have received your first batch of voucher PINs by email and printed your recharge cards. Cards in local shop windows, advertises in local newspapers and word-of-mouth recommendations should get you customers. You will have to buy your vouchers from your principal dealer up-front and you will probably have to order a minimum of 100 for any particular network. This expenditure, however, will seem very little if you compare it to the ridiculous prices scammers are charging on the internet to "help" you set up your business. For More details Call 07034538881 Email: Tips & Warnings While having internet access is useful if you are a distributor, it is not compulsory. You can use an internet cafe to pick up your emails containing the voucher PINs. You will need a computer and color printer, however, to print the vouchers.

When searching MOBILE GATEWAY SOLUTION online for reputable principal dealers you will come across many advertises offering you work as a recharge card distributor. Most of these are scams. You don't need to buy expensive training courses, software or books to become a distributor, you just need to approach us, the principal dealer by yourself through call or email and set up a working relationship with us here in MOBILE GATEWAY SOLUTION For More details Call 07034538881 Email:
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