iPhone 8 Features and Specification

iPhone 8 Features and Specification

iPhone 8 Features and Specification

Apple is set to release iPhone 8 come January 2017 lunching their 10th Anniversary. The phone is set to have these mouth watering specifications.
iPhone 8 specs and new features

If Apple does indeed do something special for the iPhone's 10th anniversary, which seems likely based on iPhone 7 rumours, the iPhone 8 will be one which fans will no doubt want to upgrade to on launch day. Could we see the biggest queues ever?

A combination of design and hardware changes will make the iPhone 8 the most radical new iPhone to date, if we are to go by the rumours and leaks.
iPhone 8 screen

Two reports are suggesting that there could be a third iPhone 8 model beyond the usual two. This more 'premium' option will be even bigger, touted at 5.8in, with a curved OLED screen. However, this may be no bigger than the current iPhone 7 Plus which is 5.5in due to the expected bezel-less design. Via MacRumours.

Respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who collaborated on the above info, has now said the third OLED iPhone will have a screen size of 5.1- or 5.2in rather than something bigger than the normal Plus model.

According to a report on the Wall Street Journal, Apple is asking suppliers to make a screen better than Samsung, telling them to "submit prototype screens with better resolution than ones from Samsung". This means the iPhone 8 will have a resolution higher than Quad HD which is 2560x1440, a big jump from the iPhone 7.

There is yet more weight to the possibility of the iPhone 8 getting an OLED screen. Multinational banking company JP Morgan has come across a purchase order in Apple's most recent Securities and Exchange Commission which is thought to be for OLED panels. The order extends for a year and is valued at around $4bn.

We wanted to bring your attention to a phone which might provide a glimpse of what the iPhone 8. Xiaomi has announced the Mi Mix which is, let's face it, a stunning device. It looks like the first of a new category of phones with it's 91.3 percent screen-to-body ratio, according to the firm.
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