FUNAI 2016/2017 Jamb Cut-Off Marks

The University system and the Board of directors have continually adjusted the bench mark in order to accommodate as many aspirant as they can into the university system putting into consideration their Jamb Scores. Below is the cut-off mark into the university (FUNAI) for the 2016/2017 Academic session.

(a) Faculty of Medicine (FBMS): (a) Med. & Surg. 240 and above

(b) Anatomy 190 and above

(b) Faculty of Law 240 and above

(c) Faculty of Health Science & Tech. (FHST) 220 and above

(d) Faculty of Management Sciences (FMS)

(i) Pub. Admin. 170 and above

(ii) Others 160 and above

(e) Faculty of Social Science and Humanities (FSSH)

(i) Econs, Pol. Sc., Mass Comm. & HIR 170 and above

(ii) Others 160 and above

(f) Faculty of Sciences (FS)

(i) Biological Science:

(i) Microbiology & Biochemistry 180 and above

(ii) Others 160 and above

(ii) Physical Science:

(i) Computer Sc. 180 and above

(ii) Others 140 and above

(g) Faculty of Education (FEDU)

(i) TVE, Science and Computer Edu. 140 and above

(ii) Others 150 and above

(h) Faculty of Agric. & Natural Resources Management (FARM) 140 and above


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