How to Know your caller's Exact Location Using Truecallelr Innstead of PankShin.

These days, Telemarketers and an unknown callers has been constantly creating a nuisance . Sometimes you will be waiting patiently for an important call and as soon as your phone rings, you will rush to pick it up, only to find out that its either MTN or Airtel calling you, asking you to press 1 to subscribe for one rubbish or the other.
a times you break your leg or hit your foot on something on the process.

That Problem has long been solved by TrueCaller. With this app, You stay away from:
  1. Telemarketers,
  2. Private Numbers 
  3. unimportant SMS from your network providers
And many other marketers that would want you to subscribe to one rubbish or the other. Before now, I use to get atleast 25 nonsense messages from Telemarketers, but today.......Thanks to True Caller.So i Advice, If you don't have TrueCaller installed in your phone, Kindly do that cos it helps. 
With Truecaller, you get to know the name of your caller whether the person is in your contact or not. As soon as you have internet on your phone, the person's name will show except for hidden numbers though this can be taken care of by blocking all unknown callers to your phone. So if you have someone that might want to trick you, Say bye bye to him.
But that is not all. There are limitations to what we commonly use truecaller for.  Exact Location of Caller.
 How to know the exact location of your caller.
Many of your callers or your contacts if you are using Truecaller will be found to be in Pankshin (A local government in Plateau State). Before now i use to wonder if this location actually exist in Nigeria.
 You can know the exact location of your caller but there is a condition. I want to say that its a not a mistake that all your callers location is showing Pankshin, The truth still remains that the caller still have the right to hide his/her location for security reasons and there is no application that can give you a callers location with authorization (License). 
So to this is not available for the public use, only for security operatives. Other applications like internet4mobile can also offer you the oportunity to view callers location but non, i say non can give you the callers exact location. even if you call MTN, my dear, there won't give you.
Truecaller can only release a caller location to you if you are a security operative so i advice you if you are not to stop looking for how to get your callers location if its not for security reason.

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