Things to Note about Glo Free Tomorrow - #FT

Free Tomorrow is a gloBacom Promotional offer that returns you double of what you use today the previous day.
Assuming you recharge N100 in your account, and you exhaust the credit either on calls or on data. Double of that will be returned to you (i.e 200) to be used the previous day.

That is true, it does happens but How are u being charged?

N100 card do last for about 12 mints. before, how about now?

From my findings, i now found out that not less than 70% of glo subscribers are now enjoying this promotional offer.!

Did i say Enjoy?...... we shall soon find out.

Lets take for instance, Glo bounce.

If you are on glo bounce, you will be charged 11k/s to all networks that's about N7.2/min after a Mint call of N24/min for the first mint. call.

With N100, you have 11.5Mints. of call to all networks in Nigeria but.

If you are on this promotional offer, "Glo free Tomorrow".
  1. You will be charged 40k/s which is equal to N24/min.
  2. With N100 recharge card, you get 4Mins. instead of 12Mins. you would have enjoyed if on glo bounce.
  3. yes, double of it will be returned to you to use the next day. 
  4. That will amount to 8mins if there is no another hidden charges attached to it.
So in that case, what they do is just share whatsoever you wish to use today into two, give you half today and another half tomorrow.

Believe you me, this doesn't make any sense. it might seem too big in your eye, DOUBLE WOOOO but how does the credit go. Do you find N200 being enough for your calls in a day?.

Thinking of how to deactivate this promotional offer from glo, find out below.

How do I opt out of Glo Free Tomorrow plan?
By dialing *301#. By dialing this, you cease to enjoy the daily free airtime and you are migrated to the default plan on the network, Glo Infinito, where you call 10 frequently called numbers at 11k/s and call all networks at 20k/s. Alternatively, dial the migration code of the profile you desire.

Am I charged for opting out of Glo Free Tomorrow?
Opting out with *301# is free

How do I opt for Glo Free Tomorrow?
Dial *300#.

How do I check my FT bonus balance?
By dialing #122# or #122*8#

You can find cheap prepaid plans from glo here
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