Hottest Etisalat Unlimited Browsing And Downloading With Psiphon App

By now, you all know that in the midst of
the four major GSM network providers,
Etisalat network is the fastest browsing
network in the country.
Now pull out your sit, relax as you take a
ride with me into Etisalat unlimited
browsing with Psiphon at only N150 or

Without much ado, we will be going
straight to the point on how you can
achieve the aforementioned.
Hottest Etisalat Unlimited Browsing and
= => You have to subscribe to the weekly
Etisalat Chat pak which is one of Etisalat
Smartpak packages that goes for N150
also N200 and to do so, load N200 on
your etisalat line and dial the subscription
code which is*343*5*6# for d weekly
plan or If you are not in easy cliq
dail * 244 *1 # use this to
change your etisalat
planto easy cliq .
But if you ‘ ve been on
etisalat easy cliq load N200 and press
* 343 *6 *11 #
to activate socialme on
clique. Unlimited access to
facebook , twitter, BBM,
Instagram and whatsapp
for 30days plus unlimited
downloads from 12: 30am
till 4: 30am.
Naw the psiphon configurations
= => for your phone APN set up, leave it
at the etisalat default APN
= => You need Psiphon apk handler
version, download playstore or anywhere
= => After downloading and installing the
Psiphon, launch it and set it up as
= > On the open Psiphon handler come
down and tick Remove Port
= > Under it you will see Proxy Type, just
tap and choose Real Host
= > Come down to Proxy Server and input
= > Now scroll down to Real Proxy Type
and tap the default to select HTTP
= > underReal Proxy Server input and 8080 for Real Proxy
= > Then scroll down to the bottom and
click Save
Immediately you click save,
a pop up message will appear requesting
to use Tunnel whole device, just tap on
the option to Tunnel Whole Device to
bring you to the next phase
= > Here choose the Option Menu
= > Under this Option menu, you will
seeselect region, tap and select USA
= > Still on the Option menu, you will see
theMore Option tab below, tap it and
then come under proxy Settings and tick
the Connect through an HTTP check box
= > Still on the More Option, select Use
the following settings
= > then come down to Host Address and
input and 8080 for Port
Go back now to the main page of the
Psiphon and tap the start button below,
you will get a warning message, tick the
box there and OK Psiphon to run, then
wait for it to connect, it will connect and
after that just minimize and fire up any
browser and any other app.
If you are happy or for enquiries
pertaining what you just read, you should
always feel free to use the comment box

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