Whatsapp Free Call

Whatsapp, a mobile application for smartphone users build purposely for the exchange of text messages, pictures, video and audio.
No doubt, it have become one of the popularly used application on phones now. only very few people go by ordinary text message now. In fact record has it that only 20% of the population of Nigeria still go by text message.

Just last week this week whatsapp have integrated free call to their application. Indeed there are out to takeover mobile network, no doubt they might have to liaise together if not i envisage problem.
Here is how to enjoy the whatsapp free call.
  1. upgrade to the latest version: If u are an android user, open your play store, click on my applications and upgrade whatsapp or better still ask someone that have upgraded to transfer to you using flashare. Blackbery user should go through their Blackberry world.
  2. Turn your phone network mode to 3G only.  You might not be able to enjoy the call if your phone is running on 2G or GSM only so you have to lock your phone network mode to 3G only (A higher speed internet network mode.)
  3. Subscribe to a data plan: Its not advisable to make whatsapp free call with your phone credit. Subscribe to a data plan. Glo android users can go for this awesome monthly offer.
  4. Open your whatsapp, click on your friend and click on call to initiate the call. Only your friends that have upgraded to the latest version of whatsapp can receive the call. Tell ur friends to upgrade to the latest version and enjoy.
I hope this have been very informative, for complain and enquiry, kindly drop a comment bellow or call +2347034538881

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