Smile Data Services and Internet Plan codes in Nigeria

Smile Telecoms is another  4G LTE internet service available in Nigeria. Although Smile networks is
only operating in Lagos for now, they have plans to expand their networks to other parts of Nigeria.

Smile Nigeria has been providing good and quality internet service in Lagos and they have  different  data bundle packages one can choose from depending on your available time.

This article will be focusing on Smile data bundle and how to activate Smile internet services.

Smile Network has 2 major internet plans anyone can subscribe to.  They are Monthly and yearly data bundle plans.

Below is the Smile Data Bundles Plans:

Data Bundles

Smile Anytime Bundles        Validity Period       Bundle Price in      Out-of-Bundle Rate in
PPU (Pay-Per-Use)        Not applicable           Not applicable
         3,000 per GB
500MB         30 days            1,500
         3,000 per GB
1GB         30 days            1,800
         1,800 per GB
3GB         30 days            4,000
         1,334 per GB
5GB          30 days            5,500
        1,100 per GB
10GB         30 days            9,000
           900 per GB
20GB         12 months           17,000
           850 per GB
50GB         12 months           36,000
           720 per GB
100GB          12 months           70,000
            700 per GB
200GB         12 months         135,000
            675 per GB

Smile@home Night and Weekend Bundles
Validity Period Bundle Price in Out-of-Bundle Rate in
5GB 30 days 4,000
800 per GB
10GB 30 days 7,500
750 per GB
20GB 30 days 14,000
700 per GB

Smile Packages

Package Includes

Package Price in
Wi-Fi Router Starter Pack          One Wi-Fi router + one SIM + 10GB data                23,000
MiFi Router Starter Pack          One MiFi router + one SIM + 5GB data               16,000
SIM Only Starter Pack           One SIM + 2GB data                  2,300

How To Activate Your Smile Internet Data Services

Smile Network has 4 different ways you could recharge your data services

=>>     Recharge with  Quickteller

=>>     Recharge at ATM

=>>     Recharge with eTranzact

=>>    Recharge with PocketMoni

Recharge with  Quickteller

1)   Visit

2)   Fill in the required details and click ‘Continue’.

3)   Select card type (Verve and MasterCard only allowed) and input your card details

4)   Click on ‘Pay’.

5)   Payment will be confirmed as successful

6)   Follow the prompts to close; transaction is complete

Recharge with ATM

 1)   Visit any Quickteller -enabled ATM

 2)    Insert your ATM card in machine and enter card PIN

3)    Select Quickteller option: >Select "Pay Bills"> Select "Others"

4)    Enter the Smile Payment Code, i.e 85701

5)    Select current / Savings account type as applicable

6)    Enter reference Number (Your Smile Account Number)\

7)    Enter Amount

8)   Accept the N100 convenience fee surcharge

9)    Enter your phone number

10)   Payment will be confirmed as successful

11)  Follow prompts to close ,transaction is completed

  Recharge with eTranzact

1)    Walk into any bank

2)  Ask to pay for Smile's internet subscription through thye eTranzact platform or use a PayDirect teller, whichever is avalible

3)  Complete the teller slip, stating
       .Your name
       . Merchant Alias: Smile
         Your Smile account number
        Phone Number

4)   Present the teller slip and cash to the cashier for posting

5)   Collect a printed receipt of the transaction

6)  Drop off the relevant copy of the teller slip in the banking hall.

Recharge with PocketMoni

1)    Confirm that you have sufficient money in your PocketMoni account

2)    Click "Pay Bills" option on the PocketMoni Menu

3)    Click on "other" on  the "PayBills" option

4)    Enter Merchant Alas: Smile

5)    Enter Service ID: Your Smile Account Number

6)    Enter Amount

7)    Enter PIN

8)   Transaction is complete when you receive a successful transaction notification.

I hope this helps, for more information, call 07034538881
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