Airtel 2G for free blazing hot.

My devoted blogreaders had been
enjoying something good on mtn since last my last post.
Enjoy all the free features from you can ever think of if u continue to follow our thread.
I wonder which imei manufacturers will use for
devices that are yet to be produced when
Nigerian already use all.
Have been hoarding this for my blogreaders &
those in my group just to test its authenticity.But
now the 2gb is now available.

How To Get 2GB Freely
==>If you don't have an andriod, you can get
from a friend to get this 2gb.
==>Here is the imei we will be using
869878000162957 I purposely posted the full
imei I used because, guys find it difficult
generating a valid imei.You can copy the first 12
and generate others
==>Don't forget to generate the check digit at tweak it into your phone and restart.
==>After successful tweaking, in SMS format text
3G to 141
if you still need more mb, check shalom
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