How To Use Your Glo Bis On Pc And Other Devices Via Tether Mode

A GLOBIS SUBSCRIBED SIM CARD, then load 1000naira and subscribe by sending comonth to 777,you will be given 3GB DATA .

Then you must be in a 3G area to enable fast speed,if the 3G is stable in your area,just set your bb to 3G only so that it wont switch to EDGE during network fluctuation. if 3G is not stable in your area,you can set it to 3G and 2G.pdanet in action

To use your Glo Bis on PC all you have to do is
1:Go to your blackberry TCP IP option on your phone .Follow this step to locate tcp ip on your blackberry (options-device-advance system settings-TCP IP ),or search through,

then enable APN and punch in as APN
flat as username and password.

2:download this zip file by clicking, note-to download the zip file,once you get to the download link page,scroll down and click on free,wait for the seconds to count,enter the code on the page and click on create download link,the download link will be generated immediately.scroll down and click on the first download you saw,save the file on your computer.thats all.

the file contains both pdanet for pc and bb,extract and install the one for pc named bbnetbb230 ,then copy the one named pdanet.jad into your bb and launch to install

or simply

Visit to download PDAnet for your blackberry directly,just copy it to your bb browser and install, and the other for your PC then follow the on screen instruction for installation.

once you install pdanet on your pc,go to your system control panel,system,device manager,modems,
click on modems,then scroll to pdanet and rightclick on properties,a window will pop up,click on advance,in the extra initialization command box
,copy and paste .....
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