Migrate to MTN Zone now to make call as low as 1k/sec even as low as 0.50k/sec off peak. To migrate Dial *135*1# and send. Now after this, goto your phone settings, then Display. Enable the CELL info display .This enables you to see the charges at any given Time displays on your screen.Before you dial any number,you might see 10k/s but as soon as you send the call, you will be prompt that your call will be charged at 25k/s. Thats a normal thing coz in life nothing is constant only changes.
So you have to becareful and monitor/observe the cell info display as well the prompt Notification as soon as you negotiate a call. On the other side of it, whatever has an Advantage also has Disadvantage.Here is the disadvantage:let say your zone is lagos and you now Travel to Portharcourt. while in Portharcourt, all your calls will be charged at the rate of 50k/sec even if the cell info display 10k/s coz thats not your zone. I hope you enjoy this little info. Check out for the latest news in Nigeria on the latest islamic sect attacks.
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