The provision of infrastructure that provides stable and reliable internet access is a very important element that must be addressed if Africa is to quicken the pace of economic development and ensure that citizens are enabled to compete with the rest of the world, Chief Executive Officer of Phase3 Telecom, Mr. Stanley Jegede has said.

Jegede, while speaking about his firm’s participation at Cyber Nigeria Forum and Innovation Awards recently said that the investment of millions of dollars in network development across Nigeria and other African countries is based on the belief that Africa had a lot of untapped potential

“At Phase3 Telecom, we have, for long, believed that developing the right communications infrastructure in Africa is what will open up the continent’s economic potential and make its citizens globally competitive. That is what informed our decision to build a regional optic fibre network using the best technologies available in the industry.

“Today, we are ready to take our network to other regions not yet reached by high-capacity transmission network to provide the best communications experience to people in the continent,” he said.

Jegede said further that Nigeria already has a good foundation for effective communications and promised that Phase3 Telecommunications will continue to offer solutions that meet the needs of businesses, organisations and individuals.
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