The below stipulated blackerry codes will enable you to subscribe to any MTN Nigeria blackberry data plans of choice. They are as follows:

BIS Complete – Weekly
Validity : 7 Days
Price: N500
Activation Code: Send BBCWEEK to 21600

 MTN BIS Social – Monthly 
Validity 30 Days 
Price: N1500
Activation Code: Send BBS to 21600 MTN
Blackerry Social
 MTN BIS Social – Weekly
Validity : 7 Days
Price: N450
Activation Code: Send BBSWEEK to 21600
MTN Blackberry Unlimited Plan : BIS Unlimited – Weekly 
Validity : 7 Days
Price: N1000
Activation Code: Send BBWEEK to 21600
 MTN BIS Unlimited – Monthly
Validity : 30 Days
Price: N3000
Activation Code: Send BIS to 21600

 MTN BIS Unlimited – Quarterly 
Validity : 90 Days
Price: N8000
Activation Code: Send BBQ to 21600

To check your blackberry data bundle status, Send "status" to 21600 OR you send "2" to 131
Note:- Do not send the status with that quotation mark (")
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