How to Flash Huawei USB Modems (and Re-Install the Firmware)

To flash your Huawei USB modem, you need to do these three things:
1. Reset the unlock counter
2. Upgrade the firmware
3. Install a different dashboard

1. How to Reset the Unlock Counter

- Download this software
- Extract the content and run the .exe file inside
- Click on Refresh. Your modem should be automatically detected so far you checked AUTO CONNECTION under connection mode
- Be sure Auto-Calc Code and Auto-Unlock Modem are both marked

- Now click UNLOCK. This should both unlock your modem and reset the counter at the same time
- Lastly, click on Calculate to generate the flash code. You’re gonna be needing it later.

2. Upgrade your Modem Firmware

- First, you must download the right firmware for your modem. You can download it from their official website but I prefer and recommend
- Select Huawei or what model your modem is and click the tiny modem icon

- On the next page, select your model and click the same modem icon again.
Now to upgrade the firmware, unzip the firmware update you downloaded and double-click the .exe file.
- Accept the agreement and proceed.
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