Most bloggers have one thing in mind before they began to blog: To make quick money online. While this is not going to happen to most of you out there for reasons I am going to discuss in this article, there is still hope of making it right and earning good money from your blog.
Most of you must have realized that making money with your blog is not as easy as you thought, I see most bloggers encouraging others to start blogging even when they have never earned their first pay check themselves. Recently in a forum, someone asked me why he is not making money with his blog, and my answer was simple – because you don’t know how to.

Reasons for not making money with your blog

If you’re still struggling to make money with your blog, some, or all, the reasons outlined below apply to you:

Your blog sucks!

Allow me to share some harsh realities why you are not making money with your blog here, I don’t mean to hurt your feelings in any way but if you blog sucks, then you cannot earn a dime from blogging.
Why you are not making money with your blog
The first impression a first time visitor will have is your blog design, layout, speed and then the quality of your content. If your blog is cluttered with a lot of widgets on the sidebar, loads slowly or has a general poor design and layout, crowned with poor content quality then be sure your visitors will bounce of your site as fast as they landed, and while you may have high traffic stats, you may still find it hard to earn from your blog.
Whether your monetization model is affiliate marketing, Google adsense, direct banner sales etc, if you can’t keep your visitors long enough to move around a couple of pages on your blog which will not only improve your ads impression but possible clicks (CTR) then you are not ready to start making money with your blog.


Most bloggers spend almost all their time creating contents, if you create all the contents in the world and no one reads them, then you won’t still be able to make money from your blog. When you have a blog with poor traffic, adding more contents doesn’t really help you get more readers.
Learn to improve your blog traffic, traffic is money. The more people you have visiting your site, the more chances you have at them clicking on your ads or buying your products. A lot have been written about traffic, you can check out a few articles I published on my blog about how to drive traffic to your blog.

Monetization model

This is yet another area most bloggers fail, that Google Adsense worked for blog A does not mean it will work for blog B. You have to experiment with your blog’s monetization model to find which works best for you. You can even combine several models in a blog provided they don’t struggle to fit in.
While Google Adsense may not work for you, direct banner sales may work for you as a result of your blog design or traffic, same with affiliate marketing as a result of niche type. Some sites may not perform well for a particular monetization model; find which best works for yours. Ask people of same niche what works for them and try it out.

You lack a voice on your blog

How does your blog posts sound? Like a robot wrote them? Remember your audience is human, so you have to add personal touch to your blog if you are to start making money with your blog. Relate with your audience, use call-to actions always on your blog, ask your audience to do one thing or the other and respond to their own queries.

Do you have a list

“Money is on the list”, have you ever heard that saying before? If you are to start making money with your blog, then you have to build your subscribers list. With a list you can always relate with your audience, if you can capture a visitor on the first day be sure you can bring him back to come back again from your list, you can establish a strong relation and get them to always return.

You don’t have the patience to make money from your blog

Most of you believe blogging is a make money quick scheme; sorry to burst your bubbles, blogging is a serious business that requires patience and time. It took me 3 months to earn my first $100 from blogging even with my experience over the years as a webmaster, I have owned forums for over 5 years but when I decided to blog, I knew I needed patience to succeed, so if you think your money will start rolling in from your first article publication, I am sorry to disappoint you blogging is a little bit harder than that.

You are lazy

Laziness in blogging is an endemic in this business, how many guest posts have you published? How many blog comments do you leave on other blogs every day? When last did you contribute meaningfully to a forum discussion? If you are to start making money with your blog today, I challenge you to get up and be serious with blogging activities that will generally improve your blog. Take it as a task to publish guest posts on bigger blogs every week, leave at least 10 – 20 meaningful blog comments every day on other blogs, get active on both social media networks and forums.
What is your definition of blogging success?
Maybe you are earning $100 every month from blogging and think you are earning money? You need to see some people’s paycheck. Do not limit yourself, aspire more, push yourself higher and higher every day, don’t rest on your oars, create goals for your blog and see them come to fulfillment.  Redefine your blogging success if you are not earning enough to pay all your bills and leave you some savings in the bank.
Am sorry if this post hurt you in any way, you really need to take blogging seriously if you are to start making money with your blog. If you know where you are lacking, amend it today and see how much you can earn from that blog you have been wasting it’s potentials for long.
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