Many have Researched in several ways in a way to find a Solution to their E303 Modem, It is True that the Cost of the Modem is relatively cheap but u cannot use because of that and tie yourself to one network. Dc unlocker is assumed to be the only way out by Some people but how many have the username and password with which you can unlock your modem. In Nigeria here, only one person can give you the username and password BUT On a cost Effective prise only for TWO MODEM AT MOST. Until the Dc Unlocker is hacked which i believe will be out very soon we cannot use the Dc unlocker we have now to unlock our E303 Modem unless you want to Risky the Purchase of the username and password.
That Software we are striving for was not built by Nigerians, Must we depend on them for all our Problems. Don't we have gurru's here in Nigeria?, Based on this i want to introduce to you all Africans that we the "Mobile Solution Group" have come with a software that can unlock any type of modem including E303 which we will disclose to you when you contact us or call +2347034538881
we have been able to test this software with all types of modem and its working perfectly well, call us today and u will be happy u did.
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