I'm happy to announce to you that MTN have modified their internet browsing plan to a minimal rate Equivalent to Free Browsing. They are working round the clock to be the Giant of all networks, They have started deploying 3.5G Network all over the country. Not only that, they have splashed their Internet data plan as low as MTN Super-saver.
  1. Get an MTN Sim card
  2. Put it on your Phone or modem
  3. Recharge your Line with N2500
  4. Send 102 to 131
  5. And you will be activate for an UNLIMITED Download for one Month to be used on your phone or system and say Bye Bye to Cyber cafe. You will enjoy this offer mostly if you are within 3G coverage area.
  6. Your Line will be Activated with 4.5G of data to browse with.
  7. If you don't have a Modem, don't worry, just follow this simple step that i'm going to show you and connect your phone to your system without Installing any software like PC Suite and browse even faster.(more faster than using a modem)
  8. In this case you will be enjoying this package with your phone and laptop at the same time.
  9. Click on the start Menu
  10. Click on printer and devices
  11. Click add new Device
  12. Make sure you turn your system and phone's Bluetooth ON.
  13. Select your phone and pair them together
  14. Right click on your phone after paring completed
  15. click on create a dial-up and make sure it is configured as on the screen shot bellow

For you to connect subsequently, Click on  connect /disconnect Network close to your battery meter. you will see the dial up u just created, Click on it and connect to browse.

Enjoy. For any Question, Call me on 07034538881 or place a comment.
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